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While working together, we will be using Healthie, an easy-to-use web and mobile platform that allows you to connect with me and track your progress while we work together. All of your information is secure and private, as Healthie is HIPAA-compliant.


Some of the features on Healthie

  • Easily complete all of your paperwork, intake forms, and assessments digitally

  • Schedule or modify appointments, and see any upcoming sessions we have booked

  • We can connect virtually through Healthie’s secure messenger

  • Upload and share documents, like lab reports and other materials

  • Log pictures of your food (no calorie counting required!) and track your workouts, and I can give you feedback in the comments

  • We can set goals and monitor them to help you stay on track

Already a Healthie user and need some help?

Find the Troubleshooting: FAQ guide here →

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