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AvH Nutrition weight loss philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is that it isn't about me, it's about you.

I believe…


In working together, collaboratively, to find the answers. You are the expert on you- what works for you, what doesn't, your likes, your dislikes, your inner workings.  I may be an expert in nutrition and nutrition counseling, but I am nothing without your openness and willingness to share with me.


That there is no one right way to eat, drink, and live our lives to the fullest.  I believe that there are nearly 8 billion ways to accomplish that goal. That there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition approach. What is healthy for some may be less healthy for others.

In a holistic approach. I consider the whole being of you. I consider many aspects of you; your medical background (medical history, medications, past surgeries), food preferences, allergies, where you live, work, what you can afford, what access you have to foods, what foods your family likes, your customs, your traditions, everything about how you live your life.

In providing you with options, tools, and skills so that you can feel confident that whatever plans we create will be ones that you can keep for a lifetime.

In gentle nutrition. Nutrition is more about the pattern than any one food, meal, or supplement.  All foods fit. Food is neither good nor bad; it's just food. My gentle nutrition approach starts with a loose pattern and we adopt it to your lifestyle.

In mindful eating. Mindful eating is about being completely and totally aware, in-the-moment, without judgement. It isn't about making the "right" choice. It's about making the aware choice for you in that moment. Trusting your intuition is a part of it. 


That food is one of the joys of life! It's sensual. We taste, smell, see, experience food. It can remind us of more than what is on the plate/ bowl. I believe that food is a joy worth celebrating, not fearing.  All foods are worth celebrating.


That the secrets to weight loss aren't always clear.  Obesity, which is what the medical community refers to the state in which people are in bodies that may be at higher risk of poorer health, is an incredibly complex disease.  There isn't an easy fix and there isn't an easy solution.  But it also isn't impossible. That's why we work together and at times, I may refer you to a colleague who can provide a different kind of support. 

You are at the center of everything I do.  I'm here for you.

Let’s work together

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