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Care made for you

Nutrition counseling

How individualized care works

Start to forever. Always customized.

Start with a complimentary phone call to see if we'd be a good fit. 

Ask questions about working together.

Easy, breezy, 15 minutes. 

Phone call introduction to weight loss help

What's included

get started with weight loss

Getting started

3 months of one-on-one virtual sessions Month 1: Intensive  - Initial consult (60 minutes)​ - Weekly follow-up visits (30 minutes) Month 2+3: Building and refining skills - Twice monthly virtual visits (30 minutes) Unlimited support via the complimentary Healthie app ​What we cover in your visits depends on what you need.  You can expect: Knowledge on what to eat without losing the joy in life. Confidence to break up with dieting and commit to a fun, full life. Renew your relationship with food and break the all-or-nothing mindset. More energy so you can do more with your day-to-day life. Accountability to your goals that we both know you can achieve.

Peer support

Weight loss support group

Once monthly meeting (60 minutes). - Exclusively for active clients. You can expect: - Meeting other beautifully unique humans on a similar journey. - An open and safe space to share. - Supporting eachother by listening or problem solving. - Celebrating eachothers wins. - More accountaibility and connections. Send a message to get on the waiting list.

long-term nutrition sessions

Continuing sessions

Work one-on-one for as long as you want. Monthly membership: - Two 30-minute sessions montlhy - Unlimited Healthie messaging What we cover depends on what you need. You can expect to gain: - Individualized answers to your nutrition questions - Solutions for what's keeping you from reaching your goals. - Confidence that you're on the right path. - Clarity about your relationship with food and life. - Accountability when you're going through a rough patch.

Nutrigenetics report option

Nutri-genetics report

Highly personalized nutrition recommendations based on your unique genetic profile. - Comprehensive genetic test consisting of 70 genetic markers. - Cheek swab or simple saliva DNA collection kit. - Bonus session (60-minutes) to review results and create an action plan. - Complete 20+ page report. You can expect: -To learn how your genes can affect your weight management, cardio-metabolic health, nutrient metabolism, food intolerances, eating habits, physical activity, and injury risk. Exclusively for active clients.

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